Finding the Best Cleaning Company Near You

Sounds great and clichéd at the same time, doesn’t it?

While taking the risk of being boring, I proudly stand behind my words. I have teamed up with a team of clever cleaning services experts who have been guiding me during the development of this website.

The idea started right after another crazy party at my Canary Wharf (E14 for those familiar with London postcodes). Actually the morning after the party.

I looked at the sorry state of my beloved bachelor pad and I wanted to cry. It was a Sunday morning, the weather was beautiful and I had a full day of rest before jumping back in the grinder called 9-5 office work but…it looked like I was going to spend it cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, mopping and taking out rubbish. Really?!?!

OK, my flat did not look as messy as this place but still was going to take my whole Sunday afternoon 🙂

I decided I worked hard enough during the week and I fired up my trusty Macbook. Google told me there were thousands of companies offering cleaning services in London. OK, great. But how do I chose the one that can help with my particular problem? There were all sorts of companies. Some were local, some were right at the other end of tow. Others were not even based in London, but did work here.

I was confused. I thought it was going to be fairly simple.

After 30 minutes of dialling, filling up web forms and emailing cleaning companies asking for house cleaning quotes, I almost gave up. It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I could book someone but how was I to be sure they were going to do a good job? How do I vet these businesses? If only there was a comparison site like the one that has money and a big shop in its name…

Then…eureka! If there wasn’t such a site for vetted cleaning companies people could choose from then I will create one!!! 🙂

And this is how this project started.

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